05 Nov The Code of Ethics and Manuscript and Archival Conservation

1st an element of the Code of Ethics that i would really like to address is the solitary standard (component One, II.C.). It states that, no matter value, "the best & most exacting standard of therapy" be used to things and that, a little further on, with "large categories of objects . . . procedures should really be in line with the conservator's respect for the integrity of this items." This is applicable particularly to archival and manuscript preservation. Well, the Library of Congress has many classes of what to be treated. Lots of the products are of quite high intrinsic value or of big value to your collections you need to include such materials as art in writing, manuscripts, maps, or music product which in lots of ways match the classic art in writing, greatest integrity therapy category. Therefore the remedies during the Library of Congress, the conventional remedies, are maybe perhaps not inconsistent using what one might generally think you can conduct on a item. One point that i wish to talk about, however, that does occur in archives and libraries, is the fact that there are some other types of materials, big categories of manuscript materials, which is why this standard is certainly not especially applicable.

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