20 Nov Homework Market Me – The event, however, was not invited international inspectors.

Tusk also referred to the invitation he sent to the president of Duda him. "I'm obliged and grateful to the President, that in this way it seeks to ensure century on the eve of independence, to this festival was a celebration of the joint and not separate," - he said. B. The prime minister also commented on the "turmoil and the various comments" aroused information that the president invited him to the ceremony, and he accepted the invitation. "I find it quite natural state and probably less sensational than the situation in which eg. A former prime minister never accept, and even today, an invitation from the president to the joint handling of this celebration," - he said Tusk.zobacz also remained a week for filing an application for compensation for the loss of the coal »Diet works 2017: How dealt with MPs at the last meeting? »" I do not understand how this confusion. It is true that I myself am used to (...), falling on my head almost daily thunder from my political opponents here in Poland, so you have to have thick skin. On the other hand why normal, so obvious, the decision President aroused so much excitement in the broad camp of his supporters, I do not understand quite frankly, "- he added. Inquired why have not used the invitation of President, Tusk said: "Today's ceremony is for me a special character and because of this title, that next year we will celebrate the centenary (of independence - PAP) for me it is very important that in this century the independence o
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